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Re: FC6T3 x86-64 booting issue

Neither manually...
Networking started OK but yum crashes on
# yum update kernel
with corruption of rpmdb....

I giving up spending 1/2 day with this

may be FC6T4 will do... but I think t3 should not have been released at all!

After trying to set up eth0 interface using DHCP it just spawns some "giberish" chars on me!!!! The special char-art already appears when entering the shell in resue mode but this time really freezes the machine. Awful stuff! after hangs forever so... bye bye yum followed by CTRL-ALT-DEL ---> Kernel Panic!!!
Will try setup the networking manually...


Tomas Lanik wrote:
Yum update sounds great!
will give it a try...


ronald wrote:
Tomas Lanik wrote:
I am unable to boot FC6T3 x86-64... on (AMD64X2, 4GB DDR2, SATA II, Asus M2N-E)
The initrd image is missing in  /boot directory.

Any ideas how to make FC6T3 boot?

what's about a rescue boot and

yum update kernel ???

if it's a *t3* only
    there is a new kernel in rawhide
    a manual download of an other [newer|elder] kernel
    and an rpm -ivh kernel-xxx [--oldpackage]

means: i would the install routine let do the work.

maybe a check what's *in* the initrd then agains what has the rescue environment loaded (lsmod) related to sata, dm,... .
esp. look at entries with dm ...

rescue mode seems -iirc- to work !
network ?
why dealing with complicated stuff ?

maybe i check an i86_64 install later ...

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