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Re: FC6T3 x86-64 booting issue

Hi everyone,
I have installed the FC6T3 again over the http as suggested by Ronald:
hi all
to clear some questions related to x86_64 installation i give it a try:

this is a *real T3* not a rawhide installation
components (see attachment)

apart from a -maybe- broken mirror NO PROBLEMS with the installation !

for people who want http-install from the german mirror tu-chemnitz.de:
i tried it twice, but ever with the failure: repodata/primary.xml.gz- ...[Errno 256]

the file is definitively there, but ... don't know !

with mirror sunsite.icm.edu.pl no problems.
btw: this seems to be a quick one. (~2.1GB in ~1h)
The install went all OK but the result is the same, even with the correct initrd-<version>.img is in /boot:
FileSystem Type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.17-1.2630.fc6 ro root=/dev/basevg/rootlv rhgb quiet
[Linux-bzImage, setup=0x1e00, size=0x20865b]
initrd /initrd-2.6.17-1.2630.fc6.img
[Linux-initrd @ 0xdf916000, 0x5b9800 bytes]

Error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory
Press any key to continue...

It think it might be related to the raid system and(or) GRUB.. Could the GRUB update from linux rescue help?

28 : Selected item cannot fit into memory
   This error is returned if a kernel, module, or raw file load command
   is either trying to load its data
   such that it won't fit into memory or it is simply too big.

I am using (nvidia RAID on Asus M2N-E, AthlonXPX2, SATAII
and my LVM setup is:

---  /dev/mapper/nvidia_ieabbfdc (RAID 1, 2xSATA II)
                   /dev/mapper/nvidia_ieabbfdcp1     /boot        ext3
/dev/mapper/nvidia_ieabbfdcp2 LVM PV basevg (Base Volume Group) / rootLV (Logical Volume) /var varLV (Logical Volume) /usr usrLV (Logical Volume) /home homeLV (Logical Volume) /chroot chrootLV (Logical Volume) swap swapLV (Logical Volume) /dev/mapper/nvidia_ieabbfdcp3 LVM PV xenvg (Xen Volume Group)
                                 (no Logical Volumes Yet)

FC6T3 clearly fails to boot but after reinstalling FC6 T2 all works fine without any problems!



ronald wrote:
Alan Cox wrote:
On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 12:06:28AM +0100, Tomas Lanik wrote:

T3 has done an excellent job of finding a problem...

ok -and i speak for me self here- therefore i do test installations,- too -.
but what is that problem ?

did you read:
https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2006-September/msg02311.html ?

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