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my fc6t3 install experience

Here's a quick summary of my fc6t3 install experience:

1) Still had X problems on my hardware... see:

2) Had problems installing with extras enabled.

3) manual network configuration required an IPv6 address even
when IPv6 wasn't selected.

4) netmask was wrong after installation... it was
whereas I thought I had selected  This might
have been ignorance or a typo on my part.?  The manual IP
configuration could have some help or an example to make it
more clear what is supposed to be entered.

5) After using the network configuration gui to set the
netmask, LDAP still wasn't wasn't working, so I tried rebooting...

6) System hung forever (forever = 3 minutes) at eth0 initialization
on subsequent boot.  I held down the power button and rebooted
back to fc5 where it looks like I will remain for a while.  ;)

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