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Re: new development firefox wont install

On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 07:12:32PM -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:
> Since mozilla will remain at the same version as it is from FC5,

You mean as "the real thing" or as "provides"?  semonkey packages
from RHEL provide a non-existent "mozilla = 37:1.8", just to make
sure that updates will happen, and I followed exactly the same model
when doing my own packages for FC5.

> How are current FC5 to FC6Test versions handling the mozilla orphaning? 

Apparently "by neglect". :-)  There in now no mozilla in FC6Test so
supposedly there is no problem; only some trip on it.

> Are the upgrade attempts removing mozilla, disregarding the possible 
> conflicts mozilla being stale could cause, or are they removing mozilla 
> from upgraded systems?

A distribution upgrade installs disregarding possible conflicts so
this is not an issue.  You may need to remove later some leftover

> FC5 is of course alright, nothing 
> conflicts with mozilla as of today. :-)

With this exception that there are security issues with mozilla
and you cannot remove it from FC5, leaving only an updated firefox
for a browser, without removing other packages as well - like
'yelp', for example.


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