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Re: new development firefox wont install

Michal Jaegermann wrote:

You mean as "the real thing" or as "provides"?  semonkey packages
from RHEL provide a non-existent "mozilla = 37:1.8", just to make
sure that updates will happen, and I followed exactly the same model
when doing my own packages for FC5.

I take it that the fake mozilla package will "upgrade" the existing stale mozilla from FC5. In order to "upgrade" the package, the stale mozilla will be removed. I hope I understand the concept the fake provides will accomplish. And from then on, mozilla will no longer be installed.

I was wondering how having the outdated mozilla from FC5 will influence systems that did not yet install seamonkey. Would systems being upgrade pull in seamonkey by detecting this fake provides? It does not seem that this would happen. My logic is probably wrong in understanding the rationale behind the fake package.

Regarding the development version of seamonkey, it does not obsolete mozilla. I temporarily enabled the fedora-extras repository and upgraded seamonkey. One package was upgraded, nothing removed (except the older version of seamonkey from FC5.

How are current FC5 to FC6Test versions handling the mozilla orphaning?

Apparently "by neglect". :-)  There in now no mozilla in FC6Test so
supposedly there is no problem; only some trip on it.

Firefox seems to be one program that tripped.

Are the upgrade attempts removing mozilla, disregarding the possible conflicts mozilla being stale could cause, or are they removing mozilla from upgraded systems?

A distribution upgrade installs disregarding possible conflicts so
this is not an issue.  You may need to remove later some leftover

As with the Firefox install problem, I assume that all current packages in development do not depend upon mozilla any longer. It is probably safe to assume that mozilla will not erase a slew of packages like FC5 would. It is probably good enough to add this fact to the release notes.

Something like:
Mozilla is no longer provided within any Fedora depositories for FC6. If you do not use the suite, simply run yum remove "mozilla*" If you use the suite, run yum install seamonkey after runnig the above command to remove mozilla. Your mozilla profile will still be available and used by Seamonkey . Your bookmarks and mail settings will still be available.

FC5 is of course alright, nothing conflicts with mozilla as of today. :-)

With this exception that there are security issues with mozilla
and you cannot remove it from FC5, leaving only an updated firefox
for a browser, without removing other packages as well - like
'yelp', for example.

Since Mozilla is not maintained in FC5, at least eclipse, devhelp, yelp and company should be revised to not need Mozilla. Or the Mozilla suite should be updated to take care of the security issues.



When nothing can possibly go wrong, it will.

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