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Re: Keeping the Devel Mirrors Up-to-Date

On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 10:20:57 +0200, Mary Ellen Foster wrote:

> On 9/22/06, Paul Dickson <paul permanentmail com> wrote:
> > Has anyone done any tracking of the fedora-development mirrors to see how
> > well they've been at keeping up-to-date?
> One data point: yesterday morning (German time), I actually *wanted*
> to find an out-of-date mirror so that I could get the previous version
> of eclipse. At that time, all of the mirrors in the mirrorlist had the
> most recent eclipse (released yesterday) except for
> distro.ibiblio.org. In fact, as of today, that mirror still doesn't
> appear to have been updated since Tuesday or so; haven't checked the
> other ones.

And that's the hosts that yum gets when it does:

$ curl "http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/mirrorlist?repo=rawhide&arch=i386";
# repo = rawhide country = US arch = i386 


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