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Re: Keeping the Devel Mirrors Up-to-Date

Paul Dickson wrote:
Has anyone done any tracking of the fedora-development mirrors to see how
well they've been at keeping up-to-date?

I just did a "yum list extras" and it listed items that were listed in
Wednesday's rawhide report.  At times, I've even resorted to tcpdumping
yum's run to capture the requested host names so I could assign them in my /etc/hosts file, just so I could apply development
updates that were several days old.


It would be really nice if there were some good, universal and simple way to see how updated a site mirror is.

One approach that I find to be working well is what debian is suggesting for their mirrors ( http://www.debian.org/mirror/ftpmirror ). Not only does this "trace method" provide info on when the mirror was last sync'ed, it also shows the "route" of the mirroring, i.e. what mirror this mirror mirrors from (confusing yet true :o)).

Although this does not sort the actual problem of the stale mirrors, it will give people an easy way to monitor their own (local?) mirrors and perhaps even allow people to select a few often-updated near-by mirrors, instead of getting packages from a stale mirror across the ocean.


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