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Re: Fedora(rawhide) and XFCE 4.4 beta 2

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
You must currently remove the old plugins.
I am talking with the maintainer of the plugins to try and get some
new versions in my repo so the update works fine. That will of course
get addressed before anything goes into the main devel repo.

Any progress on this front?

I recently had cause to start carting my laptop around much more frequently than I had been up to that point (my laptop had been pretty much a desktop system for all intents and purposes). And I quickly found that suspend/resume was mia for Xfce. I have no idea what kind of support exists in Xfce44 for laptop suspend/resume but I now know that Gnome suspect/resume support (in the soon to be FC6 distro) is terrific. Of course then I had to wrestle with Gnome and suspend/resume and a wealth of "plugin" features but no B5 theme and no main/system context menu vs Xfce with B5 and great menus and just a nice feel but no suspend/resume and no plugins. It was a hard and raucous battle but Xfce finally won out. :-) Life will sure be a lot better when plugins are available, not to mentions suspend/resume.


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