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Re: FC6 and laptop suspend/resume: should be a high priority bug

José Matos wrote:

That is fair. I am curious though, I have the same experience here, several of our laptops stopped suspending/hibernating properly after 2.6.16. Just for curiosity, what changed in this area and what needs to be done to fix it?

This is frustrating for me too. My take on it is that modern distros (SLED, Fedora, Ubuntu) are, in desktop terms, ready for prime time, either matching or exceeding features offered by other O/Ses.

What's needed now is polish on the rough edges and hibernate/suspend is definitely one of those rough edges. I know that this is a tricky issue as the kernel architecture doesn't easily lend itself to hibernating and there's variation in manufacturers' implementation of standards. But it's 2006, users will expect this...

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