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Re: Fedora Artwork = Staring Into The Ether

it was updated/replaced but:

david andersson said:

"You can get the new updates by uncommenting baseurl:blaha blaha
in /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-development.repo and commenting out
mirrorlist=blaha blaha, [...]


On 9/23/06, Benjy Grogan <benjy grogan gmail com> wrote:

I don't normally criticize art.  I understand that a lot of work goes
into it and it's a mysterious process that takes a lot of guesswork
but I'm completely baffled by the choice of artwork in FC6T3 so I must
criticize.  It's so dark that you can't see the highlights in grub,
and you can hardly see where those spirals begin and end.  You're left
staring into an ether, wondering where the cathode ray is right now.
It's depressing.  Ubuntu and OpenSuse, and FC5 have joyous themes.
What happened?


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