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Re: Should i just wait til fc6t4??

The 64bit FC6T3 would hang up on me at this point every time until I
disconnected my second harddrive (/home).

I had it formatted xfs and FC6T3 seems to choke if it sees a filesystem
other than ext3, it won't even let you reformat it.

I simply installed on the first drive and then after it was finished I
added /home to fstab and I was away to the races.

I should also add that anaconda as delivered in the T3 DVD is badly

When first booting the DVD, at the "boot:" prompt, do a network install
by typing

linux askmethod

I did a http install from



mind you, this gets you rawhide which is more up to date that T3 (it
also takes a while).

At least this has been my experience.

On Sat, 2006-09-23 at 14:39 -0400, sean wrote:
> alan wrote:
> > On Tue, 19 Sep 2006, sean wrote:
> > 
> >> I've been unsuccessful in installing t3 from dvd on a standard intel 
> >> x86-64 chipset box. I think the problem is that I have one partition ( 
> >> not root ) that's lvm.
> >>
> >> I asssume this will all be fixed for t4. Has anybody figured  out how 
> >> to install before then?
> > 
> > 
> > Yep.  I posted it earlier.
> > 
> > After you do the install, boot with the "rescue option" on the install dvd.
> > 
> My problem is that  _install_ dies when " Searching for 
> previous installations". Nothing gets installed.
> > When you get a prompt:
> > 
> > chroot /mnt/sysmount
> > cd /boot
> > mkinitrd --image-version --nocompress initrd `uname -r`
> > 
> > Then add this line to the /etc/grub.conf entry:
> >   initrd /initrd-<kernelversion>
> > 
> > save, sync and reboot.
> > 
> sean

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