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Xorg errors related to out of range

I recently attempted to upgrade to FC6T3 on a Dell Computer with an active Matrox video card as primary and with a secondary Nvidia video card. The Graphical install failed due to the monitor being severely out of range. I then installed FC6T3 via the script due to some multimedia packages which I'd rather keep intact. The problem is with the installed version of X in rawhide now. This version puts the monitor out of range when switching from the top resolution to any of the lower resolutions. I first noticed the out of range with the monitor problem when I launched the game viruskiller. This game would put the monitor out of range with the FC5 version of xorg.conf which was generated by system-config-display. I then ran system-config-display --reconfig to try to get a brand new configuration that might work better for the changes in X. s-c-display failed to recognize my monitor type which it recognized when ran in FC5. So I decided to run X -configure which recognized both video cards, detected the correct monitor, but still has the out of range errors. The out of reange errors are on the high side and the values are different with each failure. They mostly range in the high 90s to low 100s for both the vertical and horizontal failures.

Also, s-c-display only makes the screen resolution top out at 800x600 with 256 colors. The xorg.conf from running X -configure works at 1152x864 and allows lower resolution choices, though they cause the OOR error.

Bug report filed:

What changes to X causes this behavior? Are the changes being reverted or are the effects being remidied by forward changes?

Just joining in the Fun,

"If you weren't my teacher, I'd think you just deleted all my files."
-- an anonymous UCB CS student, to an instructor who had typed "rm -i *" to get rid of a file named "-f" on a Unix system.

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