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Re: yum access to fc6 mirror sites

oldman wrote:
glenn wrote:

Is there a solution to the yum access of mirror sites for FC6. Currently
only the Ibiblio site is accessed.  That site is very out of date, and
if it has anything you are trying to fetch, it is trottle at abt 17 KB/s
(only slightly faster than dialup).

I keep seeing the buildsys reports that show new pkgs updates have been
generated, but when Ibiblio does not update, those updates are not
available to testor like myself.

Is this a problem with some update to yum, OR is the mirror support
system mucked up.  I used to find yum would try to work with numerous
alternative mirror sites.



	Edit your /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-development.repo file.  Uncomment the
'baseurl=' line. save that file and exit the editor. run command 'yum
clean metadata'.  You should now get the fedora.redhat repo to download


Thanks Scott for the above comments. That seems to have solved my problem. It took a couple of tries, but now I am updating over 100 pkgs. Thank you.

Mary Ellen, I don't think I have the yum-plugins. This FC6T3 install is a basic distro install and I did not find the "fastestmirror" option. But I appreciate the try.


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