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Re: Fedora Artwork = Staring Into The Ether

On 9/23/06, Rahul <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Benjy Grogan wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't normally criticize art.  I understand that a lot of work goes
> into it and it's a mysterious process that takes a lot of guesswork
> but I'm completely baffled by the choice of artwork in FC6T3 so I must
> criticize.  It's so dark that you can't see the highlights in grub,
> and you can hardly see where those spirals begin and end.  You're left
> staring into an ether, wondering where the cathode ray is right now.
> It's depressing.  Ubuntu and OpenSuse, and FC5 have joyous themes.
> What happened?
> Benjy

Whats the version of fedora-logos you have on your system?


It's the latest I can get.  But I'm not on rawhide.

The latest
updates have lightened up the theme


So I've seen no changes so far with all the FC6 updates installed.
I'm not sure how much more lightened the theme is but wouldn't a
bright startup be better?  The FC6 background looks nicer from the
above link (though it's not in the FC6 updates yet) but wasn't the
grub/gdm/login a lot more simple and pleasant before?


P.S. I'm actually able to see where the spirals begin and end by
looking through the translucency of a window.


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