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Re: Nvidia beta & desktop effects

Thank you for that. I just tried to run compiz yesterday and got the
same error. I hope it'll solve my problem too.

On 9/25/06, Jay Cliburn <jacliburn bellsouth net> wrote:
Jay Cliburn wrote:
> Dwaine Garden wrote:
>> I finally got it going with gnome.   I have no noticed any slow down
>> what so ever.
>> I'm even compiling two applications and watching a divx movie with
>> mplayer.
>> The screen updates on the wobble are sliky smooth.   I'm very impressed.
> Dwaine, would you mind posting your xorg.conf?  I can't seem to get off
> the ground with compiz.  I got the Nvidia beta 9625 driver installed and
> working easily enough, but when I start compiz, I get this:

Never mind Dwaine.  I found it.  I was missing this line from my xorg.conf
Modules section:

load  "extmod"

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