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Re: FC6 and laptop suspend/resume: should be a high priority bug

 > > Not really. If we held up the release for every machine that didn't
 > > suspend/resume, we'd never ship anything.
 > >
 > > The only real blocker items wrt to the kernel are
 > >
 > > "doesn't install"
 > > "doesn't boot"
 > > "can't download updates"
 > > "corrupts data"
 >   That is fair. I am curious though, I have the same experience here, several
 > of our laptops stopped suspending/hibernating properly after 2.6.16. Just for
 > curiosity, what changed in this area and what needs to be done to fix it?

Not entirely sure, though there has been some positive feedback
that 2.6.18 fixes the issues a lot of people saw in 2.6.17.
There still remain some that are not working though :-/

2.6.18 fixed the suspend that wasn't working for me (yonah based Dell
D620 laptop) but the problem with the resume seems to be in the disk
controller or drive. I get errors spewed up the console (which I'm
going to need to write down) regarding the sata disk on the ICH7
southbridge. When I try to dump the dmesg log out to disk it comes
back with it being write protected (or something to that effect -
can't see it eaily with all the errors) if it wasn't for that I think
the resume would work as X comes back (but don't get a full details).


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