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Re: FC6 and laptop suspend/resume: should be a high priority bug

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Reilly <pmr pajato com> writes:

Paul> Paul Johnson wrote:
>> The last kernel on which my Dell D820 latitude would suspend &
>> resume was 2.6.16.  For the last two months or so---all of th
>> 2.6.17 versions--have failed.  The systems suspend, but don't
>> resume.  There are plenty of reports like this in
>> bugzilla.redhat.com.  My opinion is that FC6 should not be released
>> as final until the problem is addressed.  What do you think?

Paul> Does not appear to be a universal problem.  I found that my
Paul> Thinkpad A31p suspends/resumes just fine when I use Gnome
Paul> (usually I use Xfce), much to my pleasant surprise.

You can use 'gnome-power-manager' just fine in Xfce. (I do).
Or you can alternately call 'pm-suspend' or 'pm-hibernate' from a
command shell just fine.

Paul> As long as it is a situation of "some do, some don't", I don't
Paul> think it is reasonable to hold up a major release like FC6.

yeah. I think with scripts like pm-suspend or hibernate (from the
swsusp2 site) many more laptops are working than used to be the case.

Paul> -pmr


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