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Re: yum access to fc6 mirror sites

frob rtdti com wrote:

I've had same problem on two rawhide machines, one last successfully
updated sep 19, one sep 20.

I've had to BOTH uncomment 'baseurl=' and comment out 'mirrorlist=',
then `yum clean metadata; yum update` to get an update, and floods
updates came in.

Since it was on two machines, I don't think it was purely cockpit
error on my part, but you never know.

I'm bleating here (fedora-test-list) because I don't know where to
else to bleat, and it has been mentionted here recently...

<bleat>It seems strange (but I admit ignorance) that there is only one
mirror for rawhide (berkeley, ca, usa) and it is almost a week out of

Robert Dowling -- f as in fedora, rob as in robert <AT> rtdti.com

Yes, the above steps solved it for me. I have 2 hosts that I had FC6 on and both had the same issues, so it is process problem and not something we did wrong.

I also use a static IP address on my host, and the script (/bin/dhclient) has been messing up my /etc/resolv.conf. I made a copy of my /etc/resolv.conf, which works in dynamic mode, and when I switched to static, and I copied the good version to /etc/resolv.conf and now I can use a static address successfully.

Good luck and carry on your testing.


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