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Installation Aborting


I'm trying to install Test 3 on an older Dell laptop for my client. The
machine has two IDE drives, one of them user replacable. XP is on the
fixed drive, and an older Solaris on the removable. I get to:
Searching for Fedora Core installations...              onnection closed
by foreign host.

PS: I've confirmed the same break even without the telnet. Console t3
has the following which may be relevant:

Warning: snack.py:250 Integer argument expected, got float.

Then later:

Poll i/o error

Any help much appreciated. I'd like to get this client up today, if at
all possible. I leave Copenhagen tomorrow, and I'd to leave him with a
working, accessible (blind user) desktop. He can help drive open source
adoption in Denmark.

Janina Sajka				Phone: +1.202.595.7777
Partner, Capital Accessibility LLC	http://CapitalAccessibility.Com

Marketing the Owasys 22C tonnection closed by foreign host.

Chair, Accessibility Workgroup		Free Standards Group (FSG)
janina freestandards org		http://a11y.org

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