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Dependencies of Firefox


After updating to (on a rather pristine FC5 installation)
I got the wildly reported error when trying to access a site over HTTPS:

	Unexpected response from server
	Firefox doesn't know how to communicate with the server.
	*   Check to make sure your system has the Personal Security
	    Manager installed.

After much googling, grumbling and yumming, I finally got it working
with these updates (I'm not sure if the openssl was necessary):

 yum list firefox nss openssl mod_ssl

mod_ssl.i386	1:2.2.2-1.2
nss.i386	3.11.3-0.5.fc5
openssl.i686	0.9.8a-5.3

My question is now, why are these packages not updated by yum as
dependencies of firefox? Surely, accessing https sites is a rather
common task. Even my mom needs this.

Unfortunately, I've not had the time to check if this has changed in FC6
Test 3.



Havard Rast Blok

Web: http://hblok.net
GPG/PGP key: http://hblok.net/gpg.txt

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