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Re: rhgb freezing computer

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 04:08:40PM -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:
> VT_WAITACTIVE only ever gets called from xf86OpenConsole, which is in 
> the server generation path (and _not_ in normal EnterVT, which is sort 
> of disturbing).  This appears to only be possible to trigger during 
> server init, and specifically in the handoff from rhgb's X server to 
> gdm's.

That makes sense if the timing is ugly

Can this occur

	rhgb X server -> decides to go away
	gdm X server starts
	gdm X server issues switch to screen
	rhgb X server cleanup issues switch back to text mode screen
	gdm X server waits for its screen

Also does this ever occur without selinux ?

VT_ACTIVATE will also return 0 if you try and switch but the current vc
owner says "no". Thats a bit antisocial but seems to because historically
VT_ACTIVATE has been throught out as "request switch"


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