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FC5 to Rawhide 20060927: No go.

Hello all,

I've just tried to upgrade a fully updated vmware image of FC5 to
yesterday's rawhide and it killed my FC5. (thank God for vmware's
snapshots ;))

And now for the bugs:

1. Anaconda failed to detect the previous /boot partition and mount
it. It had to be done manually. (AFAICS there's no GUI fo it during an
upgrade - it must be done using console)

2. I entered the wrong URL into the HTTP server address, Anaconda
failed to detect the mistake and crashed when it tried to download
files. (Instead of giving me an option to correct the URL)

3. Killer bug: Anaconda throws an exception while trying to upgrade an
existing grub.conf configuration. (After two hours of HTTP install :-(

This is the third time I'm trying to upgrade this FC5 setup (Test2,
Test3, Rawhide) and I've yet to get a working test/rawhide image out
of it.
I'm know it has been said (and ruled out) before, but considering how
close FC6-release date is, wouldn't be wise to delay the release by a
couple of weeks and give Anaconda some time to mature? (Maybe add some
time to release Test4?)

- Gilboa

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