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Re: rhgb freezing computer

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 09:41:52PM +0200, Patrick wrote:
 > On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 14:17 -0400, Dave Jones wrote:
 > > On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 01:51:26PM -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:
 > >  > cornel panceac wrote:
 > >  > > btw, are there any plans to create a rhgb-like shutdown screen 
 > >  > > "beautifier"?
 > >  > 
 > >  > Not the worst idea ever, but I don't know of anyone working on it. 
 > >  > Would be great to see though.
 > > 
 > > /me mumbles something about the insane amount of files we open/stat
 > > during shutdown.
 > Ah that would explain why it seems to take such a long time. Hope its
 > not one of those "Oh we are going to shutdown. Let's stat every font we
 > can find 50 billion times" again. I can't wait to get a properly working
 > resume on my laptop so that I can use "suspend" which slices a
 > considerable amount of time of this shutdown wait.

Somewhat dated now, but here's the log from FC5-ish system from
the point of clicking 'shutdown' on the gnome menu..


My personal belief is that the initscripts need a way to distinguish
between 'service foo stop' and 'system is shutting down'.
It should be perfectly fine to shut down the majority of services
killing dhclient, disabling iptables, ifdown'ing interfaces etc
all strikes me as a glorious waste of time.


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