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Re: FC6 Pre-release (Test4)

Le jeudi 28 septembre 2006 à 22:05 +0000, Will Woods a écrit :
> Greetings!
> I know many of you have had problems installing FC6t3. Let me offer my
> apologies, and my sincere thanks to you for *trying* to help us test
> Fedora Core.
> We still want your help! In order to make that happen, we've decided to
> do an early release of pre-FC6 disk images. They will only be available
> by bittorrent, in order to save us time waiting for the mirrors to sync.
> This release should fix the most common bugs preventing installation of
> FC6t3, including:
> #206913: Anaconda exception on upgrade from FC4
> #206876: GRUB claims initrd is too big for memory on x86_64
> #208080: ahci/ata_piix mixup causes Anaconda to not find SATA disks
> #206453: installed x86_64/ppc system missing initrd, cannot boot
> #206202: Anaconda traceback during lvcreate on ppc64
> ...and others. 
> We'll make an announcement when the images actually become available.
> Let me know if there are any questions.
> -w

Thanks !

Then Fedora Core 6 is going to be delayed ?

Thomas Canniot

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