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Re: Nfs-utils update not working due to missing dependencies

Luke Macken wrote:

The code has been in pirut since 1.1.9-1.  Once FC6 hits and updates
start getting pushed through the update system, pup/pirut will notice
the updateinfo.xml.gz in the repodata and start using it.


Puplet notifications are working for rawhide; it just can't determine if
an update is a security fix or not.

Why is it unable to differentiate a security fix in rawhide? Does the system differentiate between packages with bug fixes and one that has new features or just between security updates and the rest?

I cant seem to the find the preference button shown in a earlier mockup. Do you plan on adding it? I would also like a preference to install all updates by default, ignore all updates, ignore or auto install updates by classification, automatically download updates in the background and only ask me for confirmation to install it.


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