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Re: "busy" disk trouble

On Sat, Sep 30, 2006 at 02:32:52AM +0200, ronald wrote:
> my disk was not accessible caused by a membership in a raid system month 
> ago, but still containing a label/signature from that.
> i could fdisk the drive, but couldn't not swap on it or delete/create 
> partitions/file systems on it.
> after reading your posting i remembered it, but if it's not your 
> problem: okay ! it was just my idea...

Maybe it is after all.  I do not know at this moment but I will
try to re-check that.  Not right away, though.  Thanks!
I know that I did check that condition when no dmraid was on initrd,
but this was a side-effect of other issues and I did not pay a close
attention if possibly there was some other point when this disk
was "grabbed".

I am still somewhat baffled what makes that disk "busy" on a system
level even if a dmraid track is correct.


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