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Re: FC6Pre images relelased!

> As promised, we have pushed FC6 prerelease images to the trackers:
> http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/

In general, it is better to use the rescue CD instead of these
FC6Pre torrents.

First, the rescue CD is only 85 to 105 MB (instead of 3.5 to 4.2 GB),
contains the _same_ anaconda functionality, and is updated daily.
Today's rawhide updated a couple dozen packages already.  If you use
the rescue CD then you [are forced to] get those updates via HTTP or FTP.
Using the torrent image requires initiative to get those updates,
and you get them via the network anyway.

Second, the rescue CD is available from many mirrors (look in
core/development/$ARCH/iso/ ) instead of just one seed.  Both
12 hours ago and now, the ppc torrent has 1 seed, 0 peers, and
a download rate of less than 6KB/s.

Third, testing the rescue CD is more important than testing the
install media.  The rescue CD has a history of being the forgotten
stepchild, and has often had serious bugs (even showstoppers and
data corruption), yet _every_ installation is a potential user
of the rescue CD.

For i386 only (where the torrent performs reasonably), and for updating
three or more machines from the same torrent result, and before Monday
(October 2), then I can see the value of the FC6Pre torrent.  But otherwise
(not i386, only 1 or 2 machines, or after this weekend) then both you and
Fedora Core probably would be better off using the rescue CD instead.


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