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fc6 pre x86_64 install report

Only one anaconda crash this time :-). I tried to select "Software Development"
in addition to "Office apps" in the initial package selection page, and anaconda
fall down, go boom.
(I'll make a bugzilla with the traceback info I wrote to a floppy).

Started again and just went directly to custom package selection without touching
any toggle buttons on the first page - that worked better. I was able to select
almost everything to install, but I could swear that previously I was able to
just right click on the package group name and pick "select all optional". Now I
have to first click on the toggle to say select that package group, then right click
before I can select all optional packages.

Did get through the network setup OK with a static IP this time, and was able
to leave out IPv6 setup with no complaints.

Did encounter the already reported bug about no keyboard during firstboot, just
moused my way through it and defined a normal user after booting and logging
in as root.

Having gotten the system up and running, I can't seem to find any extras.
If I type something liike "yum install yumex" it says "What are you talking
about, there is no such package". Don't know if this is due to the prerelease
perhaps already claiming to be fc6, but no actual fc6 repos exist yet?

One very mysterious improvement, this x.org bug:
still crops up during anaconda (I get to see a desktop pretending to
only be able to display 800x600 during install), but once the firstboot
happens, the automatic X config somehow manages to do 1920x1080
correctly (and I thought I'd been told anaconda uses the exact same X
config as the full system). Don't know why this is working under
normal circumstances now, but not in anaconda. (Not that I
object, mind you :-).

And most important, I was actually able to boot after installing,
the initrd didn't go missing on me.

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