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Re: virtual machine manager and qemu/kvm in f7

On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 10:10:28PM +0200, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
> In fc6 I had to use directly command line, with qemu 0.8.2 and kvm-12.
> Now I upgraded my x86_64 system to f7 and I have qemu 0.9, kvm-19,
> libvirt 0.2.2 and virt-manager 0.4.
> In fc6 I created a qemu/kvm windows xp machine and the command line I
> used to run it was:
> qemu-kvm -m 512 -hda  winxp_kvm/hda.img -localtime -no-acpi -soundhw es1370
> Now I'm testing virt-manager and I was able to "install" (actually
> sort of import pointing the hd and simulating install and then
> rebooting) the vm in virt-manager, but I'm not able to get the correct
> network config.
> Previously, not specifying anything on command line, the "Userspace
> SLIRP stack" was used (see also http://libvirt.org/format.html).
> How can I replicate this in virt-manager? It seems I have not the option...

The networking options depend on whether you're running as root or a normal
user. If as root, then the new VM wizard will give an option of bridging to
a physical device (assuming ethN is a member of a bridge), or attaching to
a virtual network (which is a isolated bridge + NAT to the public LAN). If
run as non-root, then its not possible to create 'tap' devices so virt-manager
will automatically use the SLIRP networking without prompting.

> I would also like to know if I can specify other qemu options such as:
> sound hw,
> the -localtime option (necessary for my clock that appears wrong now
> when I run win xp from virt-manager)
> -no-acpi

We don't expose those options in the UI yet - they're future work...

> Thanks in advance,
> Gianluca
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