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Re: what are my chances of getting wireless working on F8T1?

Robert P. J. Day <rpjday <at> mindspring.com> writes:

> don't worry -- this has been hashed out thoroughly on the fedora list,
> and i now have a relatively accurate wiki entry explaining the
> process:
> http://www.linux-games.ca/wiki/index.php/Rday%27s_installing_Broadcom_4318_wifi

Nice! I will bookmark this link, so I enlight other poor bcm43xx owners.

Just a few comments:

To configure the device using system-config-network, after you have the
firmware, add something like this to /etc/modprobe.conf

---- cut here
alias wlan0 bcm43xx-mac80211
---- cut here

well, starting from kernel 2.6.23-0.105.rc3.fc8, the driver got renamed
to b43,so the line becomes:

---- cut here
alias wlan0 b43
---- cut here

then run system-config-network, add a new wireless device, and you should be
able to choose the 'b43 (wlan0)' as hardware device. 

Ideally system-config-network should find the device even without firmware 
(and without touching modprobe.conf!), and tell you something like "I'm very
sorry, but sadly I can't configure your device because <put the hardware
manufacturer here> doesn't allow us to distribute the firmware needed. This 
is weird, because you can find the firmware in every driver for other 
operating systems, and the only effect is pushing Linux users to a friender
hardware. Anyway, you can obtain the firmware files following the instructions 
found here: <link to documentation>, copy it to /lib/firmware. and try to 
configure the device again)".

better yet, it should do the work for you, but I'm dreaming...

Talking about NetworkManager: after the device has the correct firmware, a
simple 'service NetworkManager start' should be enough.


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