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f8t1 install and update report

Hi all!
Today I installed the i386 build on a Dell Inspiron 640m over http in text mode and with selinux=0 set.

My Windows XP partition was not detected and I had to manually edit grub.conf after installation.
I then yum updated the system before further testing.

Suspend/Resume worked perfectly. Hibernate seemed to work however upon resuming it told me my computer had failed to hibernate. It appeared that the wireless device 'kill switch' was activated but not removed after hibernation.

My dmesg gets quickly filled up with "wlan0: RX non-WEP frame, but expected encryption" however it works fine. (iwl3945)

When desktop effects were enabled, most windows would start behind the top panel in Gnome which was quite annoying so I disabled the effects.

Will continue to play around but looking great so far, well done!

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