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Re: Bugzilla 'version' changes for Fedora this Friday!

Will Woods schrieb:
> Hi folks!
> To help make Bugzilla easier to use and understand, we're going to make
> two changes to the 'version' field:
> 1) Stop using the fNtestX versions, and
> 2) Rename "devel" to "rawhide".
> We're doing this because of two facts about Fedora development:
> First, test releases are just rawhide snapshots, so they shouldn't be
> tracked as their own special versions. Second, everyone calls the
> development tree "Rawhide", so Bugzilla should reflect that.
> So here's what's happening. This Friday, all bugs filed against Test
> versions of Fedora will be moved to the corresponding final release -
> for example, fc6test2 bugs will be moved to fc6. The testX versions will
> then be removed from the version list in Bugzilla. Finally we'll rename
> "devel" to "rawhide".

and now?
you have  an "easier to use and understand bugzilla" but a lot of
rawhide-bugs in the final releases?
how many bugs are in fX-rawhide open/closed/priority/time ?  measure of
how many in fX-final open/closed/priority/time ?  measure of release
what happens with the EOL bugs?  why are they not closed "EOL reached,
..." as in fc1-3

fedora-rawhide is better as fedora-final ;)
why ?  only 5624 open bugs but 32498 closed bugs ;)

search for bugs (simple):
product: fedora  version: 8  components: all  statuses:

open bugs:
fedora 8:  1476 bugs found.  :((
fedora 7:  2136 bugs found.  :((
fedora 6:  2243 bugs found.  :((
fedora 5:  1345 bugs found.  eol
fedora 4:  277 bugs found.  eol
fedora 3:  187 bugs found.  eol
fedora 2:  Zarro Boogs found.  eol
fedora 1:  Zarro Boogs found.  eol
rawhide:  5624 bugs found.  ;)

closed bugs:
fedora 8:  997 bugs found.  :((
fedora 7:  3055 bugs found.  :((
fedora 6:  5728 bugs found.  :((
fedora 5:  7234 bugs found.  eol
fedora 4:  7344 bugs found.  eol
fedora 3:  7173 bugs found.  eol
fedora 2:  4029 bugs found.  eol
fedora 1:  3082 bugs found.  eol
rawhide:  32498 bugs found.  ;)


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