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Re: Announcing Fedora 7 Test 1 (6.90)

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:

Rawhide lives under "development" and test1 lives under "test" so the rawhide updates shouldn't really play a role in this. If the test releases would rely on a dynamic package repository how could you possibly file sane bug reports?


The test directory is a starting point for installation. Rawhide (development used to be active to get updates during the test periods. The developers should be squashing bugs and development would be for the active progression of FC7 2B. Development should be rather stable at this time and only contain what is supposed to be hapening with FC7 for test one, two and three.

Bug report sanity is a good question though. I file bugs experienced during the test phase against the current test release. Other people suggested filing the bug other than the initial install against development. I guess there is some logic behind both strategies.


When nothing can possibly go wrong, it will.

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