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Re: What is the fascination with 'spins'

monty19 wrote on 02/04/2007 03:19:45 PM:

I agree completely with what monty19 wrote, so I'm going to
their important points as they apply to me.

> Personally, I think having separate ISO images for Desktop, Developer,
> Server, KDE, and whatever else is a pretty silly idea

I run Fedora on systems I would classify as a server/Desktop/Developer
Workstation, and so would everybody else that I personally know.

> Regardless of classification though, it takes just one DVD to install
> any systems I have.

> I look at it this way; if you're going to download two ISO images, then
> not download two that have all the packages you want.  Why download a
> disc, and a desktop disc, which may both be lacking packages you want to
> install, and then are forced to download anyway...

> I just can't help but feel like this is a less than ideal turn of
> for Fedora, not just for the reasons above, but also because it is going
> confuse new users.

And when we are trying to tell new users that a Linux distribution comes
with everything that you could possible want or need, and then it
because they downloaded the wrong 'targeted' ISO, they're going to be
dissapointed, and discouraged... to put it lightly.

Me... I want an ISO that has 'everything' on it (that it can), and then
let me select what I need, without forcing me to have a network connection
to search for missing stuff.  The biggest trouble I see with the
approach is that when I or a new user comes along, I'd rather have the
'other' apps, sitting in my face, so that I can say yes, or no; rather
than try to hunt for an app I don't even know exists.  For example,
last night I spent a few hours playing with a Knoppix DVD, just to find
out and experience a lot of new apps, some of which I had never heard of
before (and I've been a Linux user/developer for 10 years now, but that
still doesn't mean I know everything.)

And in a similar vein, I'd still like the Fedora installer to have an
'install everything on the media' option like the old version did.

Thanks for listening.

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