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Re: What is the fascination with 'spins'

On 2/5/07, n0dalus <n0dalus+redhat gmail com> wrote:
On 2/6/07, Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:
> Heh, that's the game we're trying to play here, figure out what goes on and
> what doesn't.

It shouldn't be a game at all. We _need_ to be collecting stats on
what packages are used the most and then using that to make informed
decisions -- not just playing some game of pick and hope.

Could this be done with one of the most-used mirror's access logs?


Perhaps then we'll stop excluding the F*#$ *# compiler from 'desktop
installs' since that kills some apps like gnofract4d and makes it
impossible to build little unix tools.  Contrary to popular belief,
not everyone who needs the compiler is a developer. People who are
remarkably non-geeky can manage to ./configure; make ... at least
until they have to spend a day getting the all the -devel dependencies
installed which would have been pulled in automatically if they had a
developer/workstation install.  :)

I'd also support a two DVD install, where disk one was the
desktop/workstaion while disk two was the server+stuff thats less
frequently installed. This would reduce the number of people who need
both disks.

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