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Re: What is the fascination with 'spins'

On Mon, 5 Feb 2007, Steven Haigh wrote:

Quoting Jim Cornette <fct-cornette insight rr com>:

monty19@ hotmail.com wrote:
OK, here goes. I'll probably have to duck and run for my life after this, although it's not my intention to upset anyone by any means.

Personally, I think having separate ISO images for Desktop, Developer, Server, KDE, and whatever else is a pretty silly idea.

Agreed, especially if one uses programs from all categories.

I also agree here. I love having one DVD to do it all. After all, when the base install is on the system, it's pretty much a matter of using yum to install what else you need anyhow....

I think the whole point of spins are to make things easier for newbies - a default install if you will that has the most common apps. This being said, I would like to see a 'newbie' CD and a single DVD instead of a multitude of other options.

I install on 2 machines... One that does pretty much everything internet, and another one for testing, asterisk, streaming DVB via multicast and whatever else catches my fancy. It's great being able to do that from a single DVD.


I install some 10+ different machines and none of them can be easily defined as a desktop/server etc. I typically use packages from all
categories, having one DVD is muuuch better.


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