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Re: What is the fascination with 'spins'

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Monday 05 February 2007 15:05, Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
Hi Jessee,
   I have been following a few of these threads and there is something
that I have not seen addressed.  My current machine, like a lot of the
ones out there, is a mix of spins. I have both Gnome and KDE loaded. I also run Samba as the PDC for my house (yes the kids have to log into
a domain), and software development tools, and a web server, etc.
If I pick some spin, say the Gnome desktop spin and run upgrade mode,
what will happen to the KDE install and the other packages not covered
by that DVD?

Will I be left with a system part way between FC6 and FC7?

If I have to load just one spin and then add in the other RPM's manually
I would request that a mechanism be set up to facilitate figuring out
I need to load.  A straight compare of what RPM's are were on the FC6
and what is on the new FC7 machine may or may not be a working deal.

We haven't tackled the upgrade set just yet. It may involve doing network upgrades through anaconda (so that anaconda can work its magic) so that you have access to all the packages, but we're not sure on this yet. Given that this is a problem today, if you have Extras packages installed, I don't think we could do much worse (:

and what if the there is not network/internet connection @ during the update ?

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