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Re: yum FUTEX_WAIT and kernel not finding volgroups

I have problem with the newer kernels too...
My volume groups works in .2925 but not in any later ones.
I get a kernel panic too... after it says it can't find any volume groups and no root file system...

On 2/27/07, Adam Pribyl <pribyl lowlevel cz> wrote:
During weekend I updated to current rawhide and I'm locked in
"unupgradable" state.
Fist the new kernel (2.6.20-1.2947) install created broken initrd. This I
fixed by making new one (I hope).

Then when I tried to use this kernel, it panics,
because it can not find any volgroup00 on the disk.

Booting with older kernel 2.6.18-2798 I have is fine, but when I try to
run yum or rpm it hangs. Stracing the process reveals it locks on
FUTEX_WAIT (probably kernel related).

How can i get out of this state?


Adam Pribyl

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