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Re: wine on x86_64? (was: rawhide report: 20070604 changes)

Niels Weber wrote:
2007/6/4, Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca cecchi gmail com>:
it seems that now x86_64 builds are available for ubuntu/debian, see:
and in wine release notes for 0.9.38 there is in particular
  - Many 64-bit compilation fixes.
so it seems actively followed by upfront.
Is there any plan to have a 64 bit build so that we can avoid at all
the annoying i386 dependencies for our best-of-all fc7-fc8?

I'm getting rid of the most i386 packages, after passing from rawhide
to fc7 (see past multilib dependency problems), but it seems that wine
carries with itself many other ones....

The way I understand this is that a 64bit wine wouldn't help you much
as most Windows applications are 32bit and you would only be able to
run 64bit Windows programs under a 64bit wine.

a 64bit wine is useless at this time ...

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