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Fedora 7 Test Update: wine-0.9.38-2.fc7

Fedora Test Update Notification
2007-06-03 21:13:29

Name        : wine
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     : 0.9.38
Release     : 2.fc7
Summary     : A Windows 16/32/64 bit emulator
Description :
While Wine is usually thought of as a Windows(TM) emulator, the Wine
developers would prefer that users thought of Wine as a Windows
compatibility layer for UNIX. This package includes a program loader,
which allows unmodified Windows 3.x/9x/NT binaries to run on x86 and x86_64
Unixes. Wine does not require MS Windows, but it can use native system
.dll files if they are available.

In Fedora Extras wine is actually a meta-package which will install everything
you need for wine to work smoothly. If you don't want to install everything
take a look at the wine-* packages.


* Sun Jun  3 2007 Andreas Bierfert <andreas.bierfert[AT]lowlatency.de>
- allow full opt flags again
- set ExclusiveArch to i386 for koji to only build i386
* Sat Jun  2 2007 Andreas Bierfert <andreas.bierfert[AT]lowlatency.de>
- version upgrade (#242087)
- fix menu problem (#220723)
- fix BR
- clean up desktop file section
* Wed May 23 2007 Andreas Bierfert <andreas.bierfert[AT]lowlatency.de>
- version upgrade
- add BR for xcursor (#240648)
- add desktop entry for wineboot (#240683)
- add mime handler for msi files (#240682)
- minor cleanups

  [ 1 ] Bug #240682
  [ 2 ] Bug #240683
  [ 3 ] Bug #240648
  [ 4 ] Bug #220723
  [ 5 ] Bug #242087
Updated packages:

cb8ffd77979cd0a21367c05c5583e7362efb1f00 wine-tools-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
46c6c4f28ab856f460ffc82f3981f61e08cb8a77 wine-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
7c62b8b0246a57f71e1201fa2128d13ffe601868 wine-esd-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
e78a1ae0e983a506daada18adec661c195780a5e wine-core-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
3bfb73274fd015fda8edf633247bf76ee6ac190b wine-ldap-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
afff9624a8736599ceaf74d329341345425b8757 wine-devel-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
50a128b834d2c2447a721f4ca037af59af0c5467 wine-nas-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
5c76d3833abd6e44d9bbe7e9b9da19deb5ca1bc6 wine-jack-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
5ca004bbfd734938cbee22e0959c23804a0b93fa wine-capi-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
912b39e830ab1ae9881fa143fb52b243223973c1 wine-debuginfo-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
b5f14dd9b750358cb655fc087f92508ed599da68 wine-cms-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
99ea34577a89f33a72d51bfe3922bdb59b508364 wine-twain-0.9.38-2.fc7.i386.rpm
b05764aad44e57dca6435462e2ba76718009822c wine-0.9.38-2.fc7.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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