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Re: Semi-OT: Nvidia Binary performance under load

On 6/26/07, Brian C. Huffman <bhuffman graze net> wrote:

I posted this to the users list, but didn't get much response and I've been involved in testing of development code, so I figured I'd post here.

I have a Toshiba Tecra A6 laptop with 1Gig of memory and according to the Xorg output, an NVidia Quadro NVS 110M:

(II)NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU Quadro NVS 110M (G72GL) at PCI:1:0:0 (GPU-0)
(--) NVIDIA(0): Memory: 262144 kBytes
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoBIOS:
(II) NVIDIA(0): Detected PCI Express Link width: 16X

With desktop effects enabled using the latest Nvidia binary driver (and the latest F7 updates), I get poor performance under load. For example, when Firefox is starting a decent-sized java applet, or when I'm starting a VMWare workstation, I get jerky mouse movement, and pauses on typing / moving windows.

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? Please let me know if there's anything additional I can provide to help troubleshoot.


try coping the attached script  to /usr/local/bin (and restart X after doing so)

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