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F7T2 RAID1 issues?

Had a few attempts at installing F7T2 today, so far none left bootable.

Machine is Intel S5000PAL with 6x400GB SATA, all disks detected ok, everything wiped from them

DVD ISO, SHA1sum ok, mediacheck passed.

Essentially all my attempts so far have used partitions of /dev/sd[abc]1 in RAID1 (with or without spare) as /dev/md0 for /boot and
remainder of disks partitioned and lumped together in RAID5 /dev/md1 as LVM PV, carved into 4GB VG0/LV0 as swap and 10GB VG0/LV1 as / and oodles of free space left unused in the VG.

First attempt I did the mediacheck on install, this passed ok, then ejected DVD, I poked it back and continued, but anaconda said it couldn't see the Fedora install CD and panicked.

Second attempt was with Xen, it installed fine, but on reboot the kernel starts up, starts assembling the arrays, mounts root RO, then complains it can't see /dev/md0 (mdstat confirms) and prompts for root passwd for filesystem recovery.

Third attempt without Xen, otherwise essentially the same, I looked a bit closer at the console output and dmesg, seems like there's no RAID1 personality loaded (missing module in initrd?) get message to do e2fsck -b 8193 to use alternate superblock but I think that's spurious as the device doesn't exist.

Anyone else similar, I'll bugzilla this in the morning ...

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