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Re: Regression in importing Word document

--- Michel Salim <michel salim gmail com> wrote:

> bz #230867:
> (OO.o)
> bz #230868:
> (Abiword)
> This following Word document:
> http://hircus.org/fedora/word-bug/CDF-Flyer.doc
> reliably crashes Abiword and OpenOffice in Rawhide
> on my x86_64
> machine. Could someone take a look and see if it
> crashes on
> Rawhide/i386 and FC6/any ?

Opens fine on FC6,  Here's what's on it (cut + paste)
for proof

Undergraduate Anthropological Society
2nd Annual
Cultural Dance Festival!

March 2nd
Wilkie Auditorium
$3 donation to the IU Timmy Foundation at the door

-Local Bloomington performers SHOWCASE their cultural

-And then TEACH some of the steps to you!

Group performances include…

Irish Dance
Latin Dance Club
South African GumBoots
International Folkdancers
Indian Traditional Dance
Swing Club

Local Bloomington Food will be provided!

> It opens fine on a friend's Ubuntu installation,
> with OpenOffice 2.1
> Thanks!
> PS Rawhide + Crossover + Office 2003 opens it fine,
> and ClamAV does
> not detect any virus
> -- 
> Michel Salim
> http://hircus.wordpress.com/
> -- 
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