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Re: Announcing Fedora 7 Test 2 (6.91)

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Jesse Keating wrote:
> Welcome to Fedora 7 Test 2

Just wanted to let someone know that  F7t2 still suffers from no ext3 fs
being available when searching for .iso files on a HD install. (IIRC
that was BZ 290001)

	If anyone needs to do a HD install, it will be necessary to make a FAT
partition to put the iso on.


	Though I have noticed this a few times in the past...
I have three distros on my 120GB HD.  As it happens, the /boot partition
 for my Rawhide dist. is /boot1. (the install will name it this as it
sees another /boot on the system and that is well and good).  the third
/boot is named /boot12 for some reason, and I'll bet the next will be
/boot123.  This is not the problem however.  During the install I select
the appropriate partition and if I tell it to make the name /boot1,
which it already is, Anaconda tells me that I can't make an LVM bootable.
Now I suppose it may be that expecting Anaconda to know that /boot1 =
/boot and not to even try to make a /boot under LVM so maybe /boot1
should not be an option in the drop-down box when selecting partitions?
or it might be that a warning that I don't have a /boot partition might
be more clear to some future noob?  OTOH I may be the only person in the
whole universe who ever would see this

F7 is looking good so far.. Thanks!

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