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Re: F7T2 VNC install

On 3/2/07, Andy Burns <fedora lists burns me uk> wrote:
Anyone tried a VNC install of FC7T2?

Works more or less OK for me (using tightVNC 1.3.8 or RealVNC 4.1.2 on win32 as client)

But colours are a bit screwed up, very noticeable on the backgrounds of progress bars, which flash to different colours every time the bar progresses and is redrawn,also makes select/radio buttons very messy and difficult to see which controls are selected, and the highlighted accelerator key command on buttons ( e.g. the O in _O_ K button) are drawn as dithered.

The client end is convinced it is doing 16bit colour, tried forcing 8bit colour (and raw compression instead of hextile) but still the same.

WFM (well, the colours do).  radio buttons that are checked/not
checked are barely discernable - you can see there's a difference, but
you're not sure which is selected.

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