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Re: FC7 Test2 can't be installed on vmware

>> I download FC7 Test2 DVD image. But it reports that "No valid devices were
>> found on which to create new file systems, Please check you hardware for the
>> cause of this problem" when I install it on vmware
>> My system is P4 with Window XP SP2. Vmware server is 1.0.
>> Does FC7 Test2 support installation on vmware or SATA harddisk?

> What is the type of the virtual harddisk device in vmware? Don't use SCSI,
> then try again.
> And fc7t2 supports SATA, of course.

FC7t2 works fine for me on a Linux hosted VMWareServer. I used the BusLogic SCSI
adapter (LSI adapter does seem to have problems showing disks in FCx).

For SATA disks I've had to pass kernel parameters to the installer on boot. IIRC, it
was "pci=nomsi" for FC6 but I've not tried FC7 directly on physical hardware yet.
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