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Re: Gnome required?

On Monday 05 March 2007 09:08, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Monday 05 March 2007 05:36:13 Terry Polzin wrote:
> > I install F7T2  specifically selecting no GNOME.  What happens when I log
> > in   GNOME starts?  I try to remove GNOME via yum group remove and it
> > wants to remove openoffice and other things I want.
> There are currently some packages that require part of the gnome stack,
> things in gtk, things that use gnome features, etc..  Some of these are
> fairly low level, like firstboot, or system-config-*.  I think one of the
> anaconda logs shows what things are being brought into your package list
> and why, but I can't recall which one.
Here's the laundry list of things it wants to remove if I try to run 'yum 
groupremove " GNOME Desktop Environment"

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 at-spi                  i386       1.17.0-1.fc7     installed         901 k
 control-center          i386       1:2.17.91-2.fc7  installed         8.2 M
 desktop-printing        i386       0.20-3.fc7       installed         378 k
 dvd+rw-tools            i386       7.0-2.fc7        installed         258 k
 fast-user-switch-applet  i386       2.17.3-3.fc7     installed         1.6 M
 gnome-media             i386       2.17.91-1.fc7    installed         5.4 M
 gnome-panel             i386       2.17.91-6.fc7    installed          11 M
 gnome-session           i386       2.17.91-2.fc7    installed         1.4 M
 gnome-volume-manager    i386       2.17.0-4.fc7     installed         2.1 M
 gthumb                  i386       2.9.1-1.fc7      installed         6.0 M
 gtk2-engines            i386       2.9.3-2.fc7      installed         1.0 M
 im-chooser              i386       0.3.4-1.fc7      installed         202 k
 metacity                i386       2.17.5-1.fc7     installed         9.9 M
 nautilus-cd-burner      i386       2.17.7-1.fc7     installed         1.8 M
 notification-daemon     i386       0.3.6-1.fc7      installed         113 k
Removing for dependencies:
 ImageMagick             i386  installed          11 M
 bluez-gnome             i386       0.6-1.fc7        installed          67 k
 bluez-utils             i386       3.9-1.fc7        installed         923 k
 echo-icon-theme    noarch     0.2-1.20070206wiki.fc7  installed         942 k
 eel2                    i386       2.17.90-1.fc7    installed         1.1 M
 evolution-data-server   i386       1.9.91-1.fc7     installed         9.8 M
 fedora-logos            noarch     6.0.93-1.fc7     installed         5.9 M
 firefox                 i386    installed          38 M
 firstboot               noarch     1.4.30-2.fc7     installed         960 k
 gaim              i386       2:2.0.0-0.30.beta6.fc7  installed          18 M
 gdm                     i386       1:2.17.6-4.fc7   installed          11 M
 gimp                    i386       2:2.2.13-1.fc6   installed          25 M
 gimp-help               noarch     2-   installed          84 M
 glabels                 i386       2.0.4-5.fc6      installed         2.2 M
 gnome-desktop           i386       2.17.91-1.fc7    installed         1.9 M
 gnome-mount             i386       0.5-3.fc7        installed         228 k
 gnome-python2           i386       2.17.2-2.fc7     installed         595 k
 gnome-python2-bonobo    i386       2.17.2-2.fc7     installed         168 k
 gnome-python2-canvas    i386       2.17.2-2.fc7     installed          48 k
 gnome-python2-extras    i386       2.14.2-9.fc7     installed          62 k
 gnome-python2-gconf     i386       2.17.2-2.fc7     installed          74 k
 gnome-python2-gnomevfs  i386       2.17.2-2.fc7     installed         159 k
 gnome-python2-gtkhtml2  i386       2.14.2-9.fc7     installed          17 k
 gnome-vfs2              i386       2.17.91-1.fc7    installed         4.7 M
 grub                    i386       0.97-13          installed         1.0 M
 gstreamer-plugins-base  i386       0.10.11-1.fc7    installed         1.6 M
 gstreamer-plugins-good  i386       0.10.5-5.fc7     installed         1.5 M
 gtkhtml2                i386       2.11.0-3         installed         430 k
 k3b                     i386       1.0.0-0.rc6.1.fc7  installed          24 M
 kdeaccessibility        i386       1:3.5.6-1.fc7    installed          12 M
 kdeartwork              i386       3.5.6-1.fc7      installed         7.4 M
 kdebase                 i386       6:3.5.6-1.fc7    installed          53 M
 kdegames                i386       6:3.5.6-1.fc7    installed          17 M
 kdegraphics             i386       7:3.5.6-1.fc7    installed          18 M
 kdelibs                 i386       6:3.5.6-1.fc7    installed          49 M
 kdemultimedia           i386       6:3.5.6-2.fc7    installed          18 M
 kdenetwork              i386       7:3.5.6-1.fc7    installed          29 M
 kdepim                  i386       6:3.5.6-2.fc7    installed          51 M
 kdeutils                i386       6:3.5.6-1.fc7    installed         9.3 M
 kdnssd-avahi     i386       0.1.3-0.1.20060713svn.fc6  installed        114 k
 libbonoboui             i386       2.17.91-1.fc7    installed         1.2 M
 libgail-gnome           i386       1.1.3-1.2.1      installed          60 k
 libgnome                i386       2.17.91-1.fc7    installed         3.5 M
 libgnomekbd             i386       2.17.2-2.fc7     installed         171 k
 libgnomeui              i386       2.17.91-1.fc7    installed         3.2 M
 libnotify               i386       0.4.3-2.fc7      installed          90 k
 librsvg2                i386       2.16.1-1.fc7     installed         425 k
 nautilus-extensions     i386       2.17.91-1.fc7    installed          31 k
 notify-python           i386       0.1.0-4.fc7      installed          24 k
 openoffice.org-base     i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed         2.2 M
 openoffice.org-calc     i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed          16 M
 openoffice.org-core     i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed         177 M
 openoffice.org-draw     i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed         2.7 M
 openoffice.org-graphicfilter  i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed     376 k
 openoffice.org-impress  i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed         4.3 M
 openoffice.org-math     i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed         3.2 M
 openoffice.org-writer   i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed         6.3 M
 openoffice.org-xsltfilter  i386       1:2.2.0-8.1      installed        212 k
 pirut                   noarch     1.3.2-1.fc7      installed         1.0 M
 planner                 i386       0.14.2-4.fc7     installed         5.9 M
 policycoreutils-gui     i386       2.0.2-3.fc7      installed         310 k
 redhat-artwork          i386       5.0.10-1.fc7     installed         7.1 M
 rhgb                    i386       0.17.1-1.fc7     installed         364 k
 rhythmbox               i386       0.9.7-11.fc7     installed         8.3 M
 setroubleshoot          noarch     1.9.1-1.fc7      installed         249 k
 sound-juicer            i386       2.16.3-1.fc7     installed         2.5 M
 system-config-date      noarch     1.8.11-1.fc7     installed         3.5 M
 system-config-display   noarch     1.0.48-1.fc7     installed         789 k
 system-config-keyboard  noarch     1.2.11-1.fc7     installed         193 k
 system-config-kickstart  noarch     2.7.2-1.fc7      installed         2.6 M
 system-config-lvm       noarch     1.0.18-1.2.FC6   installed         2.6 M
 system-config-network   noarch     1.3.96-1.fc6     installed         2.1 M
 totem                   i386       2.17.92-2.fc7    installed         5.4 M
 totem-mozplugin         i386       2.17.92-2.fc7    installed         504 k
 totem-plparser          i386       2.17.92-2.fc7    installed          53 k
 xsane-gimp              i386       0.991-4.fc7      installed         617 k

Transaction Summary
Install      0 Package(s)
Update       0 Package(s)
Remove      91 Package(s)

Hell, it even wants to remove KDE!  What's up with this?

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