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Re: Fedora 7 Test 2 issues I've found

Carlo Wise wrote:
I recently installed Fedora 7 in order to test 2 of the features that I
feel are most important, secure filesystems and rock-solid wireless. I
am in the process of testing Fedora 7 and here are some issues I have found:

1. I seem to remember a few weeks ago seeing a feature of encrypted
filesystems. It is not present nor is it present in the feature list
anymore. This is a HUGE mistake. Encrypted filesystems are, in my
opinion, one of the most important features that Fedora is missing and
without that it limits the benefit of Fedora. Other distros such as
OpenSuSE have had support for encrypted filesystems since at least
version 10.1 (2 versions ago).

Encrypted filesystems is possible in different ways. The specification was about better integration in the installer etc. The last change describes what needs to be done.


In short, send patches.
2. Test 2 does not detect the Intel 2100, 2200, 2915 series of wireless
cards. This is also a huge hole and it is one of the supposed features
of Fedora 7. Core 6 at least detected the hardware and it would work
provided the wireless network did not have WEP enabled but Fedora 7 does
not even detect the hardware so far. This is a big step backwards. In my
opinion, robust and reliable wireless support is one of the most
important items for any Linux distro and is present in other distros I
have tested.

The drivers are in the kernel and probably does detect cards. The problem is in the firmware many of these are still being reviewed. There were some licensing issues that prevented them from being included in Fedora before. For the WEP issue, file a bug report.

3. Upgrading to Fedora 7 from Core 6 does not fully upgrade. It appears
many Core 6 packages are not upgraded and though the upgrade process
completes successfully, once you log in and try to update the system it
fails and cannot do so. I had to download all the update packages and
attempt to upgrade them manually. A clean install works much more
reliably though, I had no problems updating on a clean install.

Can you provide a list of packages not being updated?


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