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Re: RANDR 1.2 heads up

Adam Jackson wrote:
> xorg-x11-server-Xorg has RANDR 1.2 support.  The client-side
> bits have been in rawhide for a while, but this adds the server support.
> The server itself was very close to what we had in rawhide anyway,
> excluding the RANDR bits, so this _should_ be a low-impact change.  As
> far as I can tell, drivers that are unaware of RANDR 1.2 work the same
> as ever, so if you're using anything but the intel driver please yell at
> me very loudly if this regresses anything for you.
> If you're using the intel driver, well, you've been in experimental land
> for a while anyway, and now it's going to do even more fun stuff.  Stuff
> I've already hit:
> - Gnome randr applet crashes. Like, instantly.
> - Old school xrandr options sometimes do nonintuitive things,
> particularly for rotation.
> - DPI is only loosely related to reality.
> - panel sometimes gets very confused about positioning.
> - i865 and below probably don't work.

Any chance that this will change?  I have this MSI board with a 850
(IIRC) chipset, and nvidia gfx, and yeah I tested a xrandr command and
my monitor went black. (the old xrandr didn't work well with compiz though).

You expect that the intel drivers should work?  I have another machine
that uses intel gfx, so maybe I'll try a new livecd


> - ajax

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