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FC7t2 Installation Woes

Pulled down the FC7t2 DVD last weekend.  The install is very unhappy
with my hardware.  Right off the bat it complains about my NVIDIA
graphics card (32MB TNT2) and throws me into text mode.  I can deal with
that but then it loses my DVD drive and starts trying to find the source
on my secondary CD drive.  My IWILL motherboard has both the standard
IDE1,2 as ATA 100 and an auxillary IDE3,4 as ATA 133.  I have two hard
drives on IDE1, DVD and CD on IDE2 and a third hard drive on IDE3.  FC6
sees the drives as

hda-first hard drive
hdb-second hard drive
hde-Third hard drive

If I tell the installer to list the possible sources I get this list


Tried all of them as options and none was my DVD.  I have no idea what
the scd0 and scd1 are supposed to be.  Saw the threads on the woes of
doing an upgrade with a PATA system. Looks like I'm into a whole lot of

Robert McBroom 

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